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SisterServant started this conversation
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Brittany poole
Some people live with no focus or have a disability on where to focus
It causes them major problems in life .
What is my main focus.
What is my distractions
How do I overcome my distractions
Who do I want to become
What do I want to be
It takes years of commitment practice and time to be the greatest you can be
You have to chose
Who you want to become and stick with it without changing your mind ?
Question is how to do that!
God is changing who u are day !
Who are u
What do u like

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I am a child Of God   in reply to jehova is my provider
Hi, This Is I Am A Child Of God, I Pray And Hope That All Is Well Can You Please Help Me Out. I Need 200.00 To Pay My Rent. Can You Help Me Or Know Any One That Can?
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I am a child Of God
Hi Sister Servant, Where Are You New?

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jehova is my provider
Hello sister servant posted a note to you last week no reply. hope all is well.
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jehova is my provider
Hello sister servant how are you? haven't heard from you in a while. hope all is well . just wanted to say hello. haven't been on my computer in a good while. been reading a lot. love to read christian books and my bible. I see you are still ministering. GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS. continue to pray for me.
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tres   in reply to SisterServant
Good morning Sister, I haven't posted, which I apologize,which doesn't mean I don't think of you. How are you? I miss seeing your posts.. I am under medical care to treat anxiety...It hits me like a ton of bricks at times..I pray most of the day.I keep Our Good Lord in my heart always. I pray for you
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tres   in reply to SisterServant
Happy blessed New Year to you sister. I have been homebound due to the extreme amount of snow. I pray every day to Jesus that He helps me with the on going anxiety and depression. I don't like it. It is poor quality of life. At times I am not interested in most anything..But I do trust Our Lord that He will consider lifting this burden. I am glad you think of me when you look at the doilies. I try to keep busy crocheting different projects. I keep you in my prayers all the time. I hope we never lose touch.
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Thank you for the blessings
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SisterServant   in reply to tres
Happy New Year. I hope that your holiday were pleasant. I have been thinking of you even though I have not been in touch. I pray that you and your family are doing well. I'm doing okay. Peace and blessings in the name of Jesus. Whenever I look at my dollies, I think of you.
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Good morning Sister.. I hope you're well. I miss your posts to me
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Thank you
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Tori3400   in reply to Tori3400
Not mail.. me. Typo... sorry...
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Oh my god I just rolled down and seen that u sent a messages it feels good to know that you're praying for me and I know your prayer it has been working also I've been doing really good and I hope all is well with you and I've been thinking about you I've Wondering if your okay and every mailing me I'm I'll log on to see that you're still here giving people get in fights and words of encouragementbeen working for the past 8 months it feels good where I am I've been healthy mentally ill people I do security after death I watch the cameras its a single person unit and they share the restrooms they have a room with the sink in itMy thing Are grown to love the people theretoo and I still have my ribbons that you sent me of my crosses and I pray for you tooAnd I tell my family about you all the timeMerry Christmas to you and your family a happy holidays and hugs and kisses
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Good morning just wanted to stop in and say hi. God bless you and have Merry Christmas
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SisterServant   in reply to christain
Please check your one to one window.
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Blessings in Christ. In need of prayer. Am finally able to get back on have been off for a long time. I am crippled now with severe back problems. I pray for a healing. Still raising my grandchildren on my own. They could use socks and gloves for Christmas. Not asking for no more than that.
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I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. :)
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mrs.halo   in reply to SisterServant
i would like some help im a single parent with a ten year old son an i would like help with tranportation so i can get on my feet going thru a rough time an ireally need a opportunity with some kind of help so i could move foward anything would help Thank you for your understanding.
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SisterServant   in reply to RMommyJulie
Please send the information that you have to my one to one window. Thanks.
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